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Campsite Zeeland Netherlands

The province of Zeeland (literally: sea-land) makes up the south-west corner of the Netherlands. You’ll have a wonderful holiday at a campsite in Zeeland. The sea is never far away here, which is why holidaying on the Zeeland coast is hugely popular with watersports fans. Nature lovers are also well served in Zeeland. Camping in Zeeland is all about enjoying a holiday packed with sun, sea and sand!

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Camping on the Zeeland coast

If you are a beach lover and enjoy camping, Zeeland is an excellent destination: this region is synonymous with camping and beaches! No other Dutch province has as many hours of sun per year, and as Zeeland (‘Sea-land’) is made up of largely reclaimed islands and peninsulas, the beach is never far from where you’re camping. Zeeland’s top attraction as far as tourists are concerned is this wealth of gorgeous beaches.

There are quite a few watersports you can have a go at in the waters near your campsite. The Zeeland coast has great provisions for watersports: surfing, sailing, canoeing, rowing and diving are just some of the options.

For those averse to sea water or perhaps just when the weather is not on your side, you can often go swimming right at your own campsite. Zeeland has plenty of sites with their own swimming pool (some of which are indoor pools), which you and your children will appreciate time and again.

Day trips from campsites in Zeeland

The Zeeland campsites are surrounded by many worthwhile things to see and do. You can go walking along the beaches or in the rich farming countryside. Besides, it’s easy to find a fun day trip while you’re here camping. Zeeland has some very pleasant cities:

  • Vlissingen
    If you’re looking for an enjoyable day trip from your campsite, Vlissingen (also called Flushing in English) is about the best all-round option! You’ll have a fantastic time bumbling down the Boulevard, which is overflowing with terrace cafés and restaurants. The Boulevard also offers a prime view out over the wide river, the Westerschelde (Western Scheldt), with passing cargo ships bound for Antwerp and pilot launches heading out to meet them.
  • Middelburg
    A very historical city, Middelburg is a popular destination for those taking a day out from their camping ground. Middelburg has plenty of historic monuments, the best known of which is the abbey tower, popularly known as Lange Jan (Tall John). Climb it for superb views of Middelburg and the whole saucer-like island of Walcheren.
  • Zierikzee
    This is the province’s historic second city and ought to be on your list during your holiday. Zierikzee is best known for its narrow old alleys and the pleasant, vibrant feel around the city centre. You will also find plenty of historic buildings here, as well as an important old port (haven).

Something else you mustn’t miss while on holiday in Zeeland is a visit to the Deltawerken: the massive flood defences in the province’s many estuaries. The pride of the whole country, these ingenious defences took a generation to build and were prompted by the widespread loss of life in the 1953 floods. Across the whole area where these dams are constructed, you’ll also find a number of museums on related themes and several areas of natural beauty. The best place to start is the visitor centre of Neeltje Jans, on an artificial island in the middle of the longest dam.