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Campsite Limburg Netherlands

Limburg is a province in the south east of the Netherlands. It looks a little like a tail or a foot, sticking into Belgium and Germany. At a campsite in Limburg you won’t easily be bored. On a camping holiday here, you’ll be soaking up the landscape of rolling hills, the wealth of sights and the renowned cuisine. Camping in Limburg is all about the natural beauty and the rich local lifestyle. This hilly bottom corner of the Netherlands has all you need for an unforgettable holiday!

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Day trips from your campsite in Limburg

There are many different kinds of trips you can make from your campsite: Limburg has numerous delightful cities. The cities below are just the ones you really ought to visit while on a camping holiday in Limburg:

  • Maastricht
    If you feel like a fun day out to a lively city near your campsite, Maastricht is a great choice. There’s brilliant shopping here, as well as many cafés with terraces for a snack or a drink.
  • Valkenburg
    The Dutch love this place because it’s so unlike the rest of the country, it feels completely like being abroad to them. In Valkenburg, you’ll feel a world away from your campsite and can get absorbed in activities like hiking, which is superb here. What you really mustn’t go without during your trip to Valkenburg is a visit to the caves (grotten).
  • Gulpen
    Another highlight in this province is the quaint village of Gulpen. Limburg is famous for its many breweries, and Gulpen is one of the places where you can sample the local beer for your delectation — courtesy of the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij. Or you could totally unwind in Mosaqua, a subtropical swimming pool!

You might be looking forward to some cycling with a beautiful backdrop while at your campsite. Limburg has an extensive network of cycle paths and some outstanding mountain bike routes. You’ll also find the hiking wonderful in the hills around your campsite.

Campsites in Limburg

You might be wanting a campsite in Limburg with a swimming pool: there are several local campsites that have one. Limburg also has a number of campsites that will let you rent accommodation, such as a chalet or mobile home.