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Campsite Antwerp Belgium

A campsite in Antwerp is a base from which you can discover fantastic spots on foot or cycling. The countryside in Antwerp Province is a tapestry of beautiful woods and billowing sand dunes. It’s wonderful to bumble around the area from your base at the campsite. Antwerp Province is also home to attractive artist towns and popular bathing resorts. Basically, there’s every ingredient you’d want in a holiday!

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Camping in Antwerp: Sights for children and adults alike

You can take the children on fun excursions from your campsite. Antwerp has no shortage of sights and is excellent as a varied holiday destination for all ages.

  • Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart
    Bobbejaanland is a theme park really geared towards families. Not for nothing is their slogan ‘Most Pleasant Land’. It’s such a fun place for a day out while staying at a campsite in Kempen (the Campines), the rolling moorland district in eastern Antwerp Province.
  • Technopolis in Mechelen
    What do kids enjoy more than doing experiments? They can investigate to their heart’s content at Technopolis in Mechelen (also known as Malines). This hands-on science and technology centre is really one to be experienced!
  • Antwerp, city of diamonds
    Antwerp is Belgium’s city of fashion, Rubens and diamonds. All over the city, you’ll taste why Antwerp cuisine is noted. Another great place just to wander around is the impressive Antwerp Zoo. This is truly a world city, and an absolute must to visit if you’re staying at a campsite in Antwerp.

Campsites in Antwerp: Discover the province

While camping in Antwerp, you can soak up the fantastic calm of the local landscape, a lovely series of polders. If you feel like cycling through the beautiful countryside around your campsite, Antwerp has an extensive network of cycle paths and great mountain bike trails throughout the province. In addition, you can have some excellent hiking in the hill ranges around your campsite.

You’ll really get the holiday feeling in the province’s quaint villages and culture-laden cities while camping in Antwerp. A must while you’re here is heading to one of the colourful markets to try Belgium’s celebrated frites (chips), renowned beers, or maybe one of the delightful local specialities. A good bet here would be Mechelen (Malines), which also has its imposing historic buildings in store and the Toy Museum for the children.

So we’ve told you now: staying at campsites at Antwerp will open up a huge range of enjoyable day trip options to you. Reasons enough to discover Antwerp Province and its many charms!

Stayed on EuroParcs Zilverstrand in Mol in September 2015

The region offered much in the way of sightseeing and close-by attractions


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