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Campsite Jura France

At a campsite in Jura you will be able to fully relax in the French lake region. Jura has areas of outstanding natural beauty that offer you not only relaxation, there is also plenty to do. There are lovely forests where you can go for wonderful hikes or cycle rides. You will find vast lakes, river valleys and unique limestone caves close to your campsite. Jura is a breath-taking holiday location!

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Campsites in Jura: outstanding natural beauty

If you want to take a mountain hike from your campsite then Jura, also the name of an ancient mountain range, has plenty of impressive hiking routes. The mountain is also a perfect place for mountain cycling and mountain sports, like rafting kayaking or canyoning.

You can of course camp in your own tent or caravan. Jura however also has a wide selection of campsites where you can rent an accommodation like a bungalow or a luxury mobile home.

Water fun in Jura

Jura is known as the lake region of France. So you will often find a lake in the vicinity of your campsite in Jura. Lakes like Lac de Vouglans and the Lac de Chalain mean there are plenty of things to do. You can take part in wild water sports there, like surfing, sailing and canoeing.

You can of course also have a lovely swim. Although you don’t even have to leave your campsite in Jura if you are looking to cool down, since most of the campsites in the area have swimming pools.

Enjoyment from your campsite

You must take full advantage of the countryside during your stay at a campsite. Jura however also has many more sights that should not be missed:

  • Historical cities
    Take time to enjoy the culture from your campsite. Jura has plenty of cities full of old buildings and lovely museums. Visit Arbois, Clairvaux les Lacs or Dole for example.
  • Delicacies from Jura
    The French cuisine is world famous, so go and enjoy the wonderful food from your campsite. Jura is the region where Raclette cheese and Vin de Jaune wine come from.

A holiday in Jura means outstanding natural beauty and culture, enjoying the French delicacies and a wonderful time at your campsite.

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