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Campsite Aveyron France

Campsites in Aveyron mean camping in complete tranquillity. Discover the beautiful evolving landscape in Aveyron during a holiday in this region in the south of France. Aveyron is ideal for nature lovers. The volcanic plateaus, vast forests, fields of flowers, wild animals and rivers characterise the flora and fauna in Aveyron. From your campsite there are also great daytrips that you can take to the many cultural sights that fill this region!

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Campsites in Aveyron: cycling, hiking and wild water sports

Aveyron is situated in the Massief Central, a region filled with plateaus and mountains in central and southern France. The forested Aveyron is not only a department but also the name of the river that originates here. With so many beautiful natural forces it’s hard not to have an active holiday.

Aveyron is the least densely populated department in France and thus consists mainly of countryside. You can take the most beautiful cycling and hiking tours from your campsite. Aveyron has fantastic routes past waterfalls and meandering streams. You will also be able to enjoy the glorious views in the mountains.

One of the options available in Aveyron is to stay at a campsite on the Lac de Pareloup, the largest lake in the South of France. Aveyron is an area with plenty of water where you can go sailing or swimming. Wild water sports are also an option. Go canoeing or kayaking on the River Tarn or spend an afternoon rafting on the Lot or Dourbie!

Special places in the vicinity of your campsite: Millau, Rodez and Najac

There will be no lack of culture when you go camping in Aveyron. There are plenty of lovely places around your campsite. Rodez, Millau and Najac are highly recommendable:

  • Millau
    One way to reach Millau is using the Millau viaduct. The highest bridge in the world (in construction height) over the Tarn River it is an amazing sight. The archaeological site with its pot baking studios and Gall- Roman shrine is also very interesting.
  • Rodez
    Visit Rodez and discover the history of this beautiful city. You will find a gorgeous gothic cathedral here that was built between the 13th and 16th century. The Fenaille Museum with its standing stones is certainly also worthwhile.
  • Najac
    This village is located on a rocky mountain ridge and has only one street. You will find a royal castle in Najac that was built in the 13th centrury and is still in great condition. The castle has secret passageways and the highest shooting slots in France!

Aveyron is also a region for real lovers of life. Combine a piece of Roquefort – a cheese from Aveyron – with a good French wine and enjoy a pleasant stay at your campsite. Aveyron is a special and diverse holiday region!

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