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Campsite Bavarian Forest Germany

Campsites in the Bavarian Forest are the ideal holiday destination for lovers of the countryside. You can unwind in this vast area of outstanding natural beauty and enjoy the fresh air and above all the region's magnificent flora and fauna. After a day hiking, returning to your campsite will come as welcome relief. The Bavarian Forest, a popular skiing paradise in the winter and a sunny camping destination in the summer!

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Campsites in the Bavarian Forest - a holiday where three countries meet

The Bavarian Forest extends from Regensburg to Passau, becoming the Bohemian Forest as it runs along the Czech border. The river Regen helps to typify the area and provides holidaymakers with the opportunity for relaxation and recreation.

Hiking is the most popular activity amongst holidaymakers. Amongst the region's mountain peaks (as high as 1456m) you will encounter waterfalls and mountain lakes and discover quaint and picturesque villages. You will always find a great hiking route near to your campsite. In addition, the Bavarian Forest is situated along the border with Austria - perfect for a day trip.

In addition to camping pitches, the majority of campsites also offer great chalets and mobile homes. Most campsites in the Bavarian Forest also boast swimming pools and play areas. Campsites in the Bavarian Forest offer a real opportunity to get away from it all.

Sights in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is home to a number of typical Bavarian towns simply brimming with sights:

  • Passau, town of rivers
    Passau, also the "town of three rivers", lies at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz. This has helped the town to thrive over the centuries. The cathedral, ancient palace and castles, which make their mark on the town amongst the traditional coloured houses, bear witness to the town's successes.
  • Regensburg, port town
    Regensburg is one of the oldest towns in Germany. Highly recommended for a visit from your campsite, Regensburg boasts a beautiful medieval centre that is home to a number of museums, churches and monasteries.

By choosing a campsite in the Bavarian Forest, you are choosing an unforgettable holiday. The Bavarian Forest is a holiday destination that may not immediately come to mind, but one that will certainly not be quickly forgotten.

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