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Campsite North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

At a campsite in North Rhine Westphalia (German: Nordrhein-Westfalen) you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. The area has large cities as well as vast countryside where you can enjoy camping at one of the excellent campsites. North Rhine Westphalia means enjoying a well-deserved holiday!

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Campsites in North Rhine Westphalia

If you are looking for a suitable campsite for your holiday then North Rhine Westphalia offers wonderful camping sites in the middle of the green countryside.

You can choose to take your own tent or caravan to the campsite. North Rhine-Westphalia however also has various options for renting beautiful mobile homes.

Camping in nature

Nature lovers can indulge themselves during their stay at a campsite. Eifel and Sauerland are wonderful regions for a great holiday.

  • The Eifel
    The many volcanos in this area offer excellent opportunities to do all sorts of water sports. You can also enjoy hiking, cycling and horse-riding here. There are enough options for an active holiday.
  • Sauerland
    In this amazing, hilly region you can enjoy the mountains, forests and lakes from your campsite. Sauerland is often called ‘the land of a thousand mountains’. There is also plenty of culture and history for you to enjoy.

City trips from your campsite

You can visit beautiful cities from your campsite in North Rhine Westphalia. Essen is one good example. Keulen and Dusseldorf are also worth visiting thanks to their interesting sights. There are also plenty of cultural trips available in North Rhine Westphalia