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Campsites in Northern Germany

In the north of Germany, you can fully relax at the campsites. Whether you opt for the white sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea or the North Sea with its many islands, everyone will enjoy the beautiful countryside to the full. Culture lovers will also be able to appreciate a holiday in Northern Germany. There is plenty to see and do in cities such as Rostock with its beautiful parks and Baroque buildings.

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Campsites in Northern Germany: sun, sea and relaxation

Northern Germany is known for its relationship with water. The Baltic Sea and North Sea, the many lakes and four major rivers (Eems, Weser, Elbe and Oder) make it a unique region. If you love water sports then this is the place to be. If you fancy a more relaxing holiday then you can also tan yourself under the sun on a clean beach in the direct vicinity of the campsite.

For those who don’t like travelling far afield, the region of Lower Saxony is an appealing destination. The campsites here are situated near woods, heathlands and lakes. City trips to Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover are well worth your while during your camping holiday.

Further north is the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The coastline borders both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. This is an oasis for water sports lovers. There are also wonderful towns in the vicinity that are great to explore, such as Kiel, Lübeck and the isle of Fehmarn.

The campsites in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have something for every type of camper: tents, holiday homes and luxury mobile homes. Those wanting to leave the campsite and looking for a fairy-tale castle should go to Schwerin.

Active and sporting

Those who choose to go camping in Northern Germany can enjoy themselves to the full in the surroundings. There is a variety of options:

  • Cycling and hiking
    The campsites in Northern Germany are mostly located in flat areas. This makes cycling a pleasant activity. Tip: The hiking and cycle routes that start in Rügen lead you to the world-famous chalk cliffs or to the protected fishing village of Vitt, among other places.
  • Water sports
    There are many campsites in Northern Germany for those who like doing water sports. They are often in the direct vicinity of the sea or a lake and you can go surfing, sailing, water-skiing or diving. Every aquaphile will have endless hours of enjoyment.
  • Railbiking
    You can discover an area in a unique way on a rail bike. The activity is accessible to all and guaranteed to be a lot of fun. You can enjoy the beautiful countryside around you while taking a relaxing cycle ride on the old railway tracks (no need to pedal hard). It is also very suitable for large groups. You can go rail biking in many places in Germany.

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Campsite De Rammelbeek

Campsite De Rammelbeek

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