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Campsite Hesse Germany

Camping in Hessen is a sure way of having an unforgettable holiday. Hessen (also known as Hesse in English) is very much a place for nature-loving campers. Besides the attractions of the countryside, there’s a range of beautiful towns and villages within striking distance of the campsites. Hessen’s diversity makes it a fantastically enjoyable region to camp in!

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Campsites in Hesse: countryside and relaxation

For the nature lover, this region of Central Germany is just ideal for a holiday on a campsite. Hesse is a gorgeous area to go hiking or cycling in. As you travel around, you’ll soak up the ever-changing landscapes and alluring lakes and rivers.

Those seeking deep relaxation will be excellently served by a Kurort (spa town with health facilities), of which there are numerous within reach of the campsites. Hesse has plenty of these Kurort resorts, one of which — Bad Wildungen — is Europe’s biggest.

It goes without saying that some fine relaxation can be had just beside your caravan or tent. How pleasant it can be to just sprawl out right there at your campsite, enjoying the peace and quiet of your well-earned break.

Sights in Hessen

Camping in Hessen is not just about the delightful countryside surrounding your campsite: Hessen has plenty to offer in terms of culture and history, too. There are some charming cities around here:

  • Frankfurt am Main
    It’s no distance at all from the campsites to Frankfurt, the main city in this part of Germany. Frankfurt’s signature is its ultra-modern skyline, towered over by the skyscrapers of high finance.
  • Wiesbaden
    The capital of the Bundesland of Hessen is Wiesbaden, also well worth a day trip. The imposing Kurhaus is the city’s dominant building. Not to be missed, either, are the Hessisches Staatstheater (State Theatre) and Museum Wiesbaden.

As well as these major cities, you can go exploring any number of quaint smaller towns near your campsite, such as Fritzlar (a traditional Catholic town), Alsfeld, Limburg or Michelstadt. Every town and village in Hesse has a whole gamut of things to see and experiences to take in.