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Campsite Baltic Sea Germany

Campsites on the Baltic Coast are excellent choices for a family holiday. This part of Germany is dominated by the beauty of the Baltic sea, whose fantastic sandy beaches are within easy reach of your campsite. Baltic Coast breaks include plenty of scope for hiking or cycling, and there’s culture here too: a fine city is never far from your campsite on the Baltic coast.

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Campsites Baltic Coast: calm, fresh air and white sand beaches

Camping on Germany’s Baltic coast is a great way to enjoy sea air, varied landscapes and the friendliness of the locals, who will immediately make you feel welcome at your campsite. Baltic coast activities include a range of great sporting options: you can go sailing, learn to dive or head to a golf course.

The countryside around your campsite on the Baltic coast will be meadowland and generous sandy beaches, with a healthy breeze. Make no mistake about the strength of the sun, though: this may be northern Germany but you’ll tan just as quickly as you would in the Mediterranean. And if it’s not convenient to take your own tent on holiday with you, Baltic coast campsites have the option of renting a bungalow or mobile home.

Day trips from your campsite

If the weather’s not on your side, the day’s not wasted at a campsite on the Baltic Coast: holidaying in this part of Germany means you’re well provided for culturally. Your campsite will typically be less than an hour from Hamburg or one of these other lovely cities:

  • Lübeck
    This old merchant city is strikingly well preserved and makes a good day trip from your campsite. Lübeck has plenty of worthwhile museums, such as the Buddenbrookhaus, a fine townhouse with exhibitions on the novelist Thomas Mann. There’s some top-notch shopping and dining to be had in Lübeck, too.
  • Burg, on the island of Fehmarn
    It can be fun to go offshore while staying at your campsite! Fehmarn is a major German island and a beautiful one. You’ll find the island capital, Burg auf Fehmarn, to be a vibrant place. You can also go for beautiful cycle rides here.
  • Puttgarden
    Even a day trip to Denmark by ferry is possible from a German Baltic campsite. Puttgarden, on the German coast, has a ferry link (just half an hour) with Rödby in Denmark. Actually, Puttgarden port is bigger than Puttgarden village itself!

Naturally, there are plenty of other attractive places to discover around here from your campsite. Baltic coast towns are rich in history: you should also visit Wismar, Travemünde or Neustadt-in-Holstein. The urban culture and stirring countryside are a potent mix for a brilliant holiday at a campsite on the Baltic coast!

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