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Campsite Lower Saxony Germany

A campsite in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) in north-western Germany offers you a base amid great natural variety, from sea and sand to thick forest and heath. You can enjoy this diversity of landscapes to the full from one of our campsites. Niedersachsen is a large Bundesland made up of several older regions, each of which has special places in store.

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Campsites in Niedersachsen: Time for some countryside

If you’re looking to have some fun trips while on holiday, Niedersachsen has plenty of amusement parks promising a great day for all the family! What’s more, there’s more than enough recreation right at your campsite: Lower Saxony has a number of campsites catering to children with a swimming pool, playground and animation team.

For those keen on some hiking or cycling while staying at their campsite, the Harz, the northernmost of Germany’s serious mountain ranges, makes this region a perfect base. There are plenty of watersports on offer, too, near your campsite. Niedersachsen is a paradise for the nature lover.

Sights in Niedersachsen

While in Lower Saxony, there are some lovely city trips to be made from your campsite. Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover are certainly worth your while if you’re on a camping holiday in Niedersachsen.

  • Hamburg
    In Germany’s second city, Hamburg, on the banks of the Elbe, you will encounter outstanding architecture and fascinating museums. This city is also an absolutely premier shopping destination and of the world’s major shipping ports.
  • Bremen
    Art and culture lovers really have to make Bremen a port of call. The key monuments here are City Hall (Rathaus), the Roland statue (an emblem first of city rights and now of liberty), and the modern statue of the world-famous animal fairy tale set here, the Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmusikanten).
  • Hanover
    Hanover (German: Hannover) is the regional capital of the Bundesland of Lower Saxony and its centre has a red line to lead the visitor past its many compelling sights. Just follow the red line for the best possible introduction to this city.

So staying at a campsite in Niedersachsen offers something for everyone!

Stayed on Knaus Campingpark Burhave / Nordsee in Butjadingen in August 2015

It is a lovely area, our only gripes were there were no staff available when needed, they were less than helpful, no facilities other than the bread wagon in the morning. You were basically left to fend for yourself.


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