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Campsite Main Tauber Germany

Campsites in Main Tauber (Taubertal) are surrounded by lots of green and natural beauty. Situated in the southern state of Baden Wurttemberg, the Tauber River splits from the Main here and has formed the Taubertal. From a campsite in Taubertal you will be able to get well acquainted with an area full of castles and palaces. A trip through the Taubertal is often called ‘a journey through the history of Germany’. Come and discover Main Tauber.

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Campsites in Taubertal: A holiday for active people.

If you don’t want to sit still during your stay at your campsite then Tauber and Main offer you and your family all kids of possibilities. You can go kayaking, water skiing or take a quiet boat trip on these rivers. There are also plenty of routes through the Taubertal for lovely hikes and cycling.

After all the activities it is wonderful to be able to return to your campsite. Taubertal however has a lot more in store for you, so don’t sit down for too long. There are plenty of restaurants with regional produce to get your mouth watering. The region has wonderful meat and fish dishes and lovely, unique wines and beers.

Sights from your campsite: Wertheim, Heidelberg and Wurzburg

This region also has plenty of culture on offer. There are lots of lovely cities that are usually within easy reach of your campsite. Taubertal is a place you can get to know in many ways. Visit for example:

  • The Heidelberg Castle
    If you would like to take a day trip filled with history from your campsite then Heidelberg is known for its imposing castle. You will also find a museum where you can get to know the city’s history better, all the way back to 1196.
  • Romantic Wertheim
    This romantic city with its idyllic narrow streets is highly recommendable for a visit during your stay at a campsite. Wertheim has numerous historical buildings, like Wertheim Castle from the 11th century.
  • The old bishop’s city, Wurzburg
    Wurzburg also has rich history. This city has beautiful ancient bridges, a roman cathedral and a Baroque monument, the Wurzburg Residenz, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

There is of course plenty more to do in this region. If you want to enjoy a day of shopping in the vicinity of your campsite then as well as these three beautiful cities there are many more places with great shops, friendly pavement cafés and first class restaurants.

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