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Campsite Puglia Italy

Campsites in Puglia (known as Apulia in the olden days) are an ideal choice for combining the best of the ancient and the modern in Italy. For dedicated sun-worshippers, there’s a winding coastline near the campsite. Puglia also boasts a wonderful national park,in the region’s wooded interior, with striking rocks and grottos. Something for everyone, then, camping in the south of Italy!

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Campsites in Puglia: camping in the heel of Italy

Along the Adriatic coast, you can soak up the sun while staying at a campsite. Gargano, for instance, has some top-notch sandy beaches and nice bathing resorts nearby.

You can also enjoy the local countryside in Parco Nazionale del Gargano (Gargano National Park), an extensive area of woods. With its remarkable grottos and dramatic rocky outcrops, this is an oasis of calm, a fantastic place to go hiking in.

But you will find the same restfulness at your campsite right beside your tent or bungalow, or of course at the swimming pool. Find a place among the palm trees and Puglia is just the ticket to catch the warmth of the Mediterranean sun.

Sights in Puglia

Puglia is a region with outstanding cities offering plenty to see and experience not far from your campsite. Bari, Vieste and Lecce are some of the loveliest towns in the area.

  • Campsite near Bari
    If you’re wanting to be within reach of the regional capital of Puglia, there’s a range of great campsites. Bari, rich in piazzas and churches, is very much worth seeing. Something not found anywhere else in the world are this area’s little limestone houses called trulli.
  • Campsite near Vieste
    From a campsite in Puglia, it’s only a short drive to the old city of Vieste, a picturesque bathing resort with outstanding architecture. The modern part of town is out along the sun-kissed coast; the medieval part is the city centre.
  • Campsite near Lecce
    The city of Lecce (pronounced ‘lech-ay’) is right at the bottom tip of the heel of Italy. Lecce has lots of sights from the Baroque era, including the Basilica of Santa Croce (Holy Cross). Or you can delve back into antiquity at the amphitheatre, which still plays host to performances today!

Another fun day out on a camping holiday in Puglia is the Tremiti Islands (Isole Tremiti): an idyllic cluster of islands at the very north of Puglia that have seen a long human history and are really worth visiting.

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