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Campsite Lombardy Italy

Campsites in Lombardy (Lombardia) are situated in fairy tale-like surroundings where time almost feels as if it has stood still. Campsites here are the perfect place for exploring beautiful Northern Italy. Lombardy is famed for its sweeping mountains and crystal-clear lakes, and one must not forget the city of Milan. You can hike or cycle through the region and discover the many sights that it has to offer. Lombardy guarantees you a varied holiday!

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Campsites in Lombardy: a symphony of nature and culture

Campsites in Lombardy are located in a particularly impressive region of Italy, with diverse nature and something to suit every taste:

  • Po Valley
    The Po Valley, the well-known lowland area around the river Po, is home to such beautiful cities as Brescia and Bergamo, a delight for lovers of culture.
  • Lakes in Lombardy
    No other Alpine region boasts as many lakes as Lombardy, which makes the region a real magnet for tourists. You can visit the region’s lakes with ease from your campsite, either by car or on foot.
  • The Alps
    Discover the snow-capped mountains of the Alps from your campsite, some with peaks in excess of 3000 metres. Here you will find dozens of rivers, be treated to magnificent stalactite caves and stumble upon idyllic villages, all with their own individual character.

A campsite in Lombardy is the ideal base for cultural excursions during your holiday. The principal city of the region, Milan, is a must-see. Take a step back to the Roman era or go shopping in the city’s fantastic boutiques or famous Italian fashion stores.

Activities around your campsite

You could choose to hike or cycle through beautiful green mountain meadows, around fairy tale-like mountain lakes or through hilly landscapes in Lombardy. Don’t forget to visit the ancient hillside abbeys, picturesque villages and vineyards.

You can find water sports and recreation at many of the lakes in Lombardy, with Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Como and Lake Garda a must for lovers of sun, sea and beautiful countryside.

Relaxing by the pool on your campsite is also a delight. Lombardy’s campsites offer numerous amenities, plus in addition to staying in your own tent, caravan or camper van, most campsites in the region allow you to hire a bungalow tent or chalet.

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