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Campsite Piedmont Italy

Campsites in Piedmont are situated in beautiful Northern Italy. Bordering the Swiss and French Alps, Piedmont is a relatively unknown holiday destination, but is a delightful location for camping. Piedmont boasts a varied landscape and is home to the Alps, Lake Maggiore and the vast Po Valley. Discover the beauty that Piedmont has to offer!

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Campsites in Piedmont: varied camping

Campsites in Piedmont have something for everyone, which makes them the perfect destination for a camping holiday. Not only can you fully unwind on your campsite, but Piedmont is ideal for hiking or cycling through the magnificent countryside.

Piedmont offers a choice of large campsites with great swimming pools that are perfect for children, or small, quiet campsites. As you would expect, Piedmont campsites provide pitches for tents, caravans and campers, but you could also choose to hire a chalet on the site.

Sights Piedmont

The region’s variation is reflected in the sights around your campsite. Piedmont is an ideal region for enjoying countryside and culture.

  • Gran Paradiso National Park
    The Gran Paradiso National Park is located in the southern section of Piedmont. This delightful national park is home to 1500 varieties of plant and many different animals including mountain goats and alpine marmots.
  • Turin
    Turin, the principal town in Piedmont, is brimming with arts and culture. Make sure to visit the town’s baroque buildings such as the Royal Palace of Turin, Palazzo Madama and the basilica during your camping holiday. Turin is also home to a unique “Eiffel Tower” that is a real must-see.
  • Alba
    A day trip to the beautiful town of Alba makes for a fantastic day out from your campsite in Piedmont. Alba is home to a number of fine cathedrals and a famous truffle market, plus its location between the hills and vineyards is simple stunning.

The climate of Piedmont

The region enjoys a gentle Mediterranean climate which makes it very pleasant during the day. Summer is the perfect time of year to while away your holiday on a campsite in Piedmont, when the average daytime temperature in the region is around 26 degrees. The area does receive slightly more frequent rainfall than other areas of Italy.

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