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Campsite Umbria Italy

Campsites in Umbria are surrounded by gently rolling green hills covered in vineyards and olive groves. Umbria is called the ‘green heart of Italy’ for good reason. Explore the picturesque villages among Umbrian vineyards scattered over the spreading hills. All this in the neighbourhood of your campsite. Umbria: an idyllic setting for carefree camping!

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Campsites in Umbria: Italy at its finest

Campsites in Umbria are located in Central Italy amongst the sun-drenched rolling hills, cypresses, pines and many vineyards. So you always have a wonderful view from the campsite. Umbria is justly called the ‘green heart of Italy’!

Camping in Umbria is living in the land of Francis of Assisi surrounded by medieval towns and villages. The summers are very hot and dry as the climate in Umbria is Mediterranean. So it is almost year-round enjoyment at a campsite in Umbria with your tent, mobile home or motorhome.

Sightseeing in Umbria

Experience the rich cultural history of the region. During your holiday in Umbria visit the many ancient walled hill-towns with steep streets for which the region is famous. These are easy to reach by car.

  • Perugia
    Visit the capital Perugia and see the splendid medieval churches, Etruscan walls and Roman aqueducts. You can hike in Perugia along the Tiber or on the higher hills. It will be a real voyage of discovery for you and your children.
  • San Marino
    A visit to the smallest country in the world is also worthwhile during your stay at the campsite. San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe.
  • Lago Trasimeno
    Many English spend their summers on a campsite at this lake. Lago Trasimeno is the tourist attraction of Umbria. Castiglione, a lovely place on the lake, has many pleasant restaurants, cafes and shops.

Naturally there are more places worth visiting near your campsite. Assisi, Spoleto and Terni are beautiful cities with rich cultures!

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