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Campsite Abruzzo Italy

Campsites in Abruzzo are surrounded by lovely countryside. The extensive forests, majestic summits and mighty rivers of this region will leave you open-mouthed. As Abruzzo is spread out along the Adriatic coast, the beach is never far from your campsite. Abruzzo will leave you wonderfully relaxed!

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Campsites in Abruzzo: unspoilt nature to enjoy

Camping in the Apennine hills (Abruzzi) will be a spectacular and surprising experience. This slice of pure Italian nature is still home to wolves and bears — not to mention the plant species that you won’t encounter anywhere else in Europe! Large portions of this region have been given over to protected nature reserves.

  • Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo
    The riches of flora and fauna make this park a paradise for nature lovers. The Lake of Barrea is a well-known tourist attraction here and a sight that you really mustn’t miss. Those raring to go hiking will not be in the least disappointed here.
  • National Park Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga
    The Italian Apennines are a remarkable range of limestone hills and make an excellent trip from your campsite. Gran Sasso is an area that in some spots is gently idyllic but in others fiercely wild: prime terrain for mountaineering.

No two places to stay in this region are the same; there’s something unique to each campsite. Abruzzo has campsites beautifully situated amid greenery. Naturally, you can bring your own tent, caravan or camper van, but there is also the option to hire a mobile home here.

Beaches and culture

Abruzzo isn’t just about beach holidays: you can also throw in some visits to a number of great towns. The four provinces making up the region are each named after a city, each of which is lovely to visit.

  • Pescara
    A chic Adriatic bathing resort, Pescara has extensive sandy beaches and a modern marina.
  • l’Aquila
    The province of L’Aquila contains the old cities of Opi and Sulmona, both well worth seeing. In Sulmona, you must wander around the central market square, which is the place where locals meet and greet.
  • Teramo
    Bordering on the province of L’Aquila is the province of Teramo, offering an unparalleled view up to the summits of Gran Sasso.

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